Spirit Moment

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Excerpt from ‘The Divine Embrace’ By Ken Gire

We have a choice, everyday, you and I.  And it’s a choice we make every day, throughout the day. 

The choice is this:
                          We can dance.
                          Or we can sit out.

If we dance, we may step on His toes.  And He may step on ours. 
We may stumble and bump into other people. 
We may fall on our faces and make fools of ourselves. 
People may talk, they may avoid us, they may even ridicule us.
If you fear those things, you may want to sit this one out.
If you do, you won’t have to worry. 
You’ll be safe in your seat along the wall.
You’ll also miss the dance.

More importantly, you’ll miss the romance.

At some time or another, I have chosen to sit it out.
Fear was a big reason.
Fear of the attention it would bring – and perhaps the criticism.
Fear of embarrassment and possible estrangement. 
Fear of not being in control of my life, my career, my future.
Fear of being led to places that would be uncomfortable, even painful.

There are two things I have learned from the divine embrace.

Perfect love really does cast out fear.

And I would rather dance poorly with Jesus, than sit perfectly with anyone else.